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 SB Closed Beta Invites

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PostSubject: SB Closed Beta Invites   Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:23 pm

Okay guys we have ten spots Eight up minus me and baldee,

I need you all to post your play times how many days your gonna be on hours etc, be realistic no bullshitting, the guys that have been in vent over the past week are going to be given pref too, (you all know the vent rules) Except Fidus he hasn't sucked my D enough.

As more spots open up we will get you in.

Again i stress i want realistic play times, i Know we all want our shadowcrack and it's bull we only got 10 slots,

Click link to reply

Also can people who are willing to share accounts please state this.


Fidus "Shit, Fuck, Fail"
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SB Closed Beta Invites
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